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Wondering why there are no sound examples for the guitars?

If you talk to professionals about recorded clips of a guitar, they will tell you that they will not give you a good example of what the guitar will sound like once you play it. As a matter fact, a guitar that sounds good on a recording may not sound very impressive in person. The "great" guitar will probably not be used in a recording because it usually does not sound that good in an audio clip. Strange but true. I have listened to many clips online and they all seem to mush together and it is hard to tell a great guitar from an average guitar. So with that said, I do not provide sound clips. You really do need to play and listen to a guitar in person to really know if you will like it! Remember, everyone has different tastes and will like different guitars...unless you are like me and then you will like them all!


New instruments...

*** If you are a serious student, I will give you a much better price. Contact me to talk about this. ***

2011 Thompson #4, 650mm scale, cedar, Brazilian rosewood:   $4950 repaired crack. Accepting reasonable offers.  This guitar has a narrow neck and was built for the steel string guitarist among us.

Body length:  19 1/2" /  495 mm
Upper bout :   11"  /  280 mm
Lower bout :   14 1/4"  /  362 mm
Waist          :   9 1/2"  /  241 mm
Action:   high "E" - 3 ½ mm    low "E" - 4 ½ mm
Saddle above the bridge:  4+ mm
Neck:   @nut – 46 mm (standard is 50-52mm),   @12th – 58 mm

thompson4 front thompson4 back thompson4 side thompson4 head thompson4 tuners thompson4 label



2013 Thompson #8, 650mm scale, european spruce, Wenge:  $4450

Body length:  19 1/8” /  485 mm
Upper bout :   10 ½”  /  270 mm
Lower bout :   14 ¼”  /  362 mm
Waist          :   9 ¼”  /  235 mm
Action:   high "E" -  3 ½”   mm    low "E" -  3 ½”  mm
Saddle above the bridge:  3 1/2 mm
Neck:   @nut -  52 mm (standard is 50-52mm),   @12th -  59  mm

thompson8 front thompson8 back thompson8 head thompson8 label thompson8 bridge




Used instruments...

No used instruments at this time.





Recently SOLD instruments...


1967 Papazian (ex-Isbin), 650mm scale, German spruce, Brazilian rosewood, with original repaired tuners and Rodgers tuners. The fingerboard has a repaired crack close to the soundhole and a top separation near the butt on the treble side has been reglued/refinished.  $2500...sold

Body length :  19” / 485 mm
Upper bout  :   10 5/8” / 270 mm
Lower bout  :   14” / 355 mm
Waist          :   9” / 228 mm
Action         :   high "E" – 3 1/2 mm,   low "E" - 4 mm, Saddle above the bridge:  4 mm
Neck           :   @nut - 53 mm (standard is 50-52mm),   @12th - 61 mm

1967 Papazian top 1967 Papazian back 1967 Papazian side 1967 Papazian head 1967 Papazian tuners 1967 Papazian label


2011 Thompson #6, 650mm scale, smaller Torres style body, Engelman spruce, Indian rosewood:  $3550...Sold.

thompson6 front thompson6 back thompson6 side thompson6 head thompson6 tuners thompson6 label

2012 Thompson #7, 650mm scale, european spruce, Brazilian rosewood:  $4250...sold

thompson7 front thompson7 back thompson7 head thompson7 label thompson7 bridge


2006 Ramirez 125 Anos, 650mm scale, cedar, Indian rosewood:  $3149(new),  now $1650, same as new...SOLD

2006 Ramirez top 2006 Ramirez back 2006 Ramirez side 2006 Ramirez head 2006 Ramirez tuners 2006 Ramirez label





Not for sale instruments...

1934 Gibson L50, black small body archtop, Dad's old guitar!  Not For Sale

1934 Gibson top 1934 Gibson back 1934 Gibson head 1934 Gibson tuners